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10 things that can make your home feel cluttered

We all want our homes to feel less cluttered, don't we? A lot of the time when we think about decluttering we tend to concentrate on things like cupboards, wardrobes, drawers, etc, but sometimes we can still feel....well......cluttered! So let's talk about visual clutter. There may be some things here that you haven't even thought about that can all contribute to that swamped feeling!

Visual clutter is often something that is overlooked, especially if we have been concentrating on improving the clutter build-up that helps our lives to function more easily, such as kitchen cupboards, the playroom, or your wardrobe.

I recently watched a decluttering & organising program, once the transformation was complete, the client said "I feel like my home can breathe again" and that's exactly how we want it to feel! So let's take look at what you can do to achieve that!

1. Overcrowded shelves

It can be really tempting to want to display everything on your shelves, but the truth is that less is more. It's really hard for anything to stand out when there is just too much stuff. Try taking things away, leave room between your items & let them breathe!

2. Too much decor

Have a look around the spaces in your home, have you got too much decor? Is it too busy with lots of colours and objects competing with each other? Too many cushions & throws? Candles? Ornaments? It can be hard to get the balance right with accessories, trust me I struggle with this one! but try pairing back just a little & see how it makes you feel. You can always put some things away and use them on rotation for different times of the year.

3. Bookshelves

It's very tempting to cram all of your books on here, but in truth, often we just have too many of them and they end up in piles stacked on top of piles. If you find that your bookshelves are looking that way, try decluttering & giving some to charity, perhaps have a one in, one out policy.

4. Too much furniture

This can be a difficult one, but often there can be too much furniture in a room, swamping the space which can immediately make it feel cluttered. You want to try and create a sense of calm within your room, with space for the furniture to breathe.

5. Fridge space

I used to be a huge fan of sticking photos, magnets & artwork on the fridge. It wasn't until I decluttered my kitchen that I realised I still felt cluttered! I removed all of the photos etc and I couldn't believe what a difference it made! The cluttered area was directly within my eye line and it felt so much better when it was clear - even my children noticed the big difference! I also do not store anything on top of the fridge as this can also add to that cluttered feeling!

6. Cables & wires

I have to be honest, I am not a fan of cables and wires on display! Sometimes it just cannot be helped but it can certainly contribute to making a space feel cluttered and untidy. Think about what actually needs to be there, often some wires aren't even being used! You can also try and tame them with a wire tidy or cable box

7. Busy windowsills

Without a doubt, one of the biggest improvements you can make to your home is to try and keep them as clear as possible. It opens up the space so much when there is less stuff placed there. Anywhere within your home with a flat surface will undoubtedly be where people chose to put things to display but this can really detract not only from the view but from that feeling of space!

8. Kitchen & Bathroom surfaces

I've put these two rooms together as they are probably the busiest rooms within the house and can easily become very cluttered, especially with so many products. Surfaces are generally the first thing you see when you walk into these spaces so it's a great idea to keep them as clear as possible, consider in the kitchen what you are not using & what doesn't need to be on display - a good kitchen declutter will often make space for surface items to be stored away. In the bathroom, if you do not have much cupboard space, try using storage bins or baskets on your surface to soften the area and keep items stored together.

9. Laundry

Ahh Laundry, if you follow me over on Instagram you will know I talk about it a lot! There is always so much of it isn't there? In the winter months, you cannot help but have it hanging around the house to dry, at that time of year I always pop it into the bedroom to dry so that the downstairs area can stay clutter-free - being as that is where we spend the majority of our time. Plus heat rises so up there it goes! I always try and spend at least 10 minutes a day putting it away, when it builds up it feels like a mountain to climb plus it will make stop the laundry piles from making your home feel cluttered.

10. Hallway / Entrance

This is the first space you see when you enter your home, so it makes total sense that this area should feel calming, welcoming & clutter-free. It's a busy space so it will without a doubt become disorganised and messy over time. It's an area that you want to declutter regularly, and ensure you have homes for items, shoe storage, adequate coat storage, somewhere for umbrellas, etc. Try and encourage other family members to not let this be a dumping ground!

I hope you have found this useful, if you do decide to tackle any of these spaces I'd love to hear if it makes a difference to you! You can find me over on Instagram by clicking here and send me a message!

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